Booking Terms & Conditions trading under the name of net-it


Your place at net-it will be confirmed by email (or post if no email address is available) after net-it receives the booking form and payment.


Responsibility for the details of bookings and payment lies with the person making the initial booking. Places are allocated on a strictly first come first served basis. If the net-it camp you require is fully booked, you will be placed on a waiting list and informed via email (or post if appropriate). In the event of a space becoming available, net-it will contact you via email (or post) and a place will be booked for the intended participant. If a participant withdraws from  net-it after being accepted, net-it reserves the right to withhold the full course fee.


All accounts must be paid in full in advance for the participant to attend net-it.


Payments are non-refundable. If a participant withdraws from  net-it after being accepted, net-it reserves the right to withhold the full course fee.
Sessions/Camps/Sleepovers missed for any personal reasons cannot be refunded, made up or transferred.

Wet Weather Policy

net-it are an all-weather course provider. The coaches will always be at the sessions unless we contact you for health and safety reasons or if adverse weather conditions make the courts unsafe. If we have to cancel due to extenuating circumstances we will offer a make up session.

Privacy Policy

We do not store financial details after transaction takes place.


Child protection is of paramount importance to us. Staff are Disclosure and Barring Service vetted. All participants are expected to sign in and out at the beginning and end of the session. net-it follows the practice guidelines of England Netball Association who have developed a Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Netball Policy, and the Procedures and Guidelines applies to all individuals involved, paid or in a voluntary capacity. For more info: Safeguarding Officer: Sara Rose 

Personal Property

All personal property is the participants’ responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to net-it‘s negligence. Expensive and/or treasured items should not be brought to net-it camps. During the course, jewellery and other similar items must not be worn and the participant will not be permitted to take part in the activity until it is removed.

Meals and Snacks

Participants are advised to bring their own water-based drinks and snacks to net-it camps with their name clearly labelled. There may be a small tuck shop with bottled water and a limited range of snacks available for purchase should parents wish.

Programme Changes

net-it reserves the right to change course specifications wherever necessary. 


All participants are covered by Public Liability Insurance whilst on net-it camps however net-it cannot be held responsible for any act, omission or loss or damage unless proven to be caused by net-it‘s negligence. net-it advises all participants to take out their own personal liability insurance. net-it does not accept any responsibility for events which are outside our direct control.

First Aid

There will always be at least one Certified Appointed First Aider at each camp. In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to participants in our care and if necessary, the emergency services will be called. No medication can be administered by net-it personnel. An appropriate sunscreen is recommended for all children during warm weather.

Arrival & Departure

Each participant will be registered in at the start of the day and signed out at the end of each session. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they always comply with these procedures.


During the net-it course, photographs may be taken of participants. These images may be used for publicity purposes in an image, on video, on our website / Facebook / Instagram/ twitter or in printed publications.

net-it Equal Opportunities

We consider language, behaviour or action that is designed to be offensive or creates discrimination to any user of the Service or member of staff, unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Physical Contact

Netball by its very nature requires a degree of physical contact between adults and participants. net-it recognises that physical contact can be used appropriately to instruct, encourage, protect and comfort. net-it staff will only use physical contact between themselves and participants when the aim is to: develop sports skills and techniques; comfort, for safety reasons such as prevent or treat an injury; meet the coaching requirements of netball.

Data Protection

We may use details to contact you with future information. Please advise net-it at any stage if you do not wish to be included in our mailing list.


net-it endeavours to satisfy all our valued participants. If you have any concerns or suggestions please tell us and we will make every effort to rectify matters.

Telephone Payments

By registering and paying by phone you agree to all net-it terms and conditions.